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The Eye Of Odin


The ever-daring Allfather, sacrificed his own eye to the being Mimir and his well in search for cosmic wisdom. Gain an enhanced perception when you trade the ordinary for the Divine. 
These pendants are handmade with 2 different types of steel and are etched to show the pattern of the steel. Each pendant looks unique in pattern. Makes an incredibly thoughtful gift!

Comes in 5 styles! 

  1. Round & Smooth - A clean look with no extra sanding. Larger hole
  2. Round & Faceted - Dynamic sanding with a larger hole
  3. Oval & Faceted - Dynamic sanding on an oval shape with small hole.
  4. Oval & Flat - Showcases the damascus patterns beautifully
  5. Arrow Tip - Shapped to a point showing it's stunning pattern


  • Hand Forged 2 Tone Steel
  • Acid Etched To Display Pattern
  • Fully Wrapped Necklace
  • Manliest Necklaces Around


  • 1 Size fits all
  • Hand-made to order.
  • A one-of-a-kind gift/wedding ring!
  • Superior support and craftsmanship.

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