Rare Fenrir Torc Armring

HONOR Your Tribe This Leif Erikson Day! 

Forged of Tungsten Steel and Sterling Silver, this ONE-OF-A-KIND, handcrafted armring is inspired by the originals worn by the Vikings of Gotland, Sweden over 1000 years ago to honor the Norse God Fenrisúlfr.

Introducing The Fenrir Torc Armring by the blacksmiths of STOIC Forge™

  • Adjustable Width: 5.5” to 7.5”
  • Diameter: 1/2”
  • Weight: 3.2oz
  • Materials: Tungsten Steel, Sterling Silver

You’re sure to impress everyone with this epic design!

Why Choose The Fenrir Torc Cuff?

  • Handmade-To-Order
  • Limited Edition Design
  • Worlds Strongest Steel
  • Fastest Worldwide Shipping

THE PERFECT GIFT for Birthdays, Holidays, Father’s Day, Anniversary & Christmas!

What Are You Waiting For? HONOR Your Tribe Today!!

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